Going Global? Why Your Business Needs a Localized Marketing Strategy

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The Common Sense Advisory conducted a study on individuals residing in the EU. The participants didn’t speak English. They showed the participant’s websites only available in English. 87% of the participants clicked out of the website.

What do these results mean? It’s more important to implement a translation strategy now than ever. 

You should also go beyond standardized language translation and opt for localization.

During translation, localization addresses cultural and linguistic aspects during translations. Here’s why your business needs a localized marketing strategy.

Why Do You Need a Localized Marketing Strategy?

If you’re expanding to a global market, localization goes a step above translations. You’re optimizing every aspect of your copy to each local market.

Certain languages, such as English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, and German, are spoken throughout multiple cities, countries, and regions.

Each of these regions has its own terminology, expressions, and even different grammar.

Localization also ensures you don’t offend your audience.

Certain terms, idioms, and imagery may be acceptable in one region but may be offensive in another.

Offending a community will result in a negative reputation. You’ll also have to re-market and re-position your brand in that region.

The Benefits of Localized Marketing

When you optimize your marketing strategy for localization, you’ll attract a global audience. Here are additional benefits you’ll experience.

Attracts More Customers

Customers want to do business with a brand that speaks to them. The best way to communicate your client’s wants and needs is by speaking their language.

There are many ways a localization service can benefit your customer relations.

You can have an interpreter on the phone line when speaking to a client, whether they’re a potential customer or you’re looking to collaborate with professionals in another country.

Specific documents, such as technical documents, instructions, and help files, also better assist your customers. You can translate these documents and localize them, making your customers more confident when purchasing from your brand.

Implement Other Marketing Strategies Seamlessly

A high-performing marketing strategy encompasses many different marketing methods. Your global marketing strategy will include different marketing roles and localization will benefit all of them.

For example, let’s look at website language translation. Website translation services will translate the copy on your website. The translations are done by humans, not machines.

This ensures your web copy is communicable. You’ll also optimize your content for local keywords for better SEO results.

Your content localization moves beyond written content. Customers want video content. There are localized caption options to adapt your script to another country’s language and way of speaking.

Prevents Shipping Issues

If you’re shipping your products to a different country, localization may even prevent shipping issues. It’s easy to record typos or format a customer’s address incorrectly.

Localization will also benefit your customers during the checkout process.

If you invest in localization software, you can implement global shipping tools for the end-user. All customers have to do is select their country and they can input their address in the correct fields.

You Focus on Creating Products for Global Use

When you invest in localized services, an exceptional service can handle all of the necessary tasks required to attract a global audience. This includes document translations, video transcriptions, website translation, and phone interpretation.

You don’t spend more time than necessary trying to find multilingual web copywriters and customer service representatives.

You can put all of your time and energy into the products and services that will make your brand a global influence.

When to Start Your Localization Strategy?

Start your strategy as soon as you develop your global expansion plan. Research the target countries and regions. Find a localization service that caters to these regions.

    How to Improve Your Localization Strategy

    Do you already have a localization or cross-cultural marketing strategy? If you’re not seeing results, there are a few ways you can improve your strategy.

    Create Global Brand Awareness

    Sure, your brand may be popular in your home country. But what about on a global scale? Create a brand that can be recognized in the region you’re targeting.

    You’ll also want to ensure your branding is seamless throughout all countries. This goes beyond the visual aspects. Strive to achieve a brand that correlates with reliability and quality on a global scale.

    Trust the Professionals

    Localization is no easy task. Localization services employ those who are local in specific regions, ensuring you receive the best content, software, and customer relations.

    Explain Why You Stand Out

    As a foreign company, expanding to another country’s market isn’t easy. There are likely similar local companies that are more experienced and the local consumers trust them more. That’s why you need to express why you stand out.

    Research different services or features that aren’t available yet in that country. You can also explain why your products or services are better than what’s available.

    If you’re not sure what to say, ask your localization service. They can explain what’s culturally appropriate and can help you create an effective marketing campaign.

    Are You Ready for Localization?

    Are you interested in expanding your business to global markets? Localization ensures you not only cater to another country’s language but also their social customs, linguistics, and even their casual language.

    As you prepare your localization strategy, you should craft a localized marketing strategy.

    Every aspect of your marketing will cater to the local region, ensuring your marketing is appropriate and is effective enough to win over local consumers.

    Are you ready for localization and localized marketing? We offer many localization services such as web translations and video transcriptions. Request a free quote today!

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