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At DTS Language Services, Inc., we have thousands of experienced linguists in our global network offering services in over 100 languages. Did you know that one of our most highly requested languages is Korean? It’s true.

One reason for the high demand is that South Korea is actually among the world’s leaders of patent applications. Although South Korea is a small country, it is a testing ground for many new technologies and other projects. Therefore, if you want to do business in Asia, you need to consider how your products will be received in South Korea.

Your first step in this process is talking to others in your industry and this likely requires Korean language services. 

Korean Translation Services

There is nothing more important when it comes to hiring Korean translators than knowing that you will receive the greatest value and highest quality. Since our business was founded in 1973, thousands of companies and individuals have trusted DTS to deliver quality, responsiveness, and reliability for every project, large or small. 

Contact DTS for a quote on your Korean translation project and other related business services. We offer the following Korean translation services:

  • Korean document translation
  • On-demand Korean phone interpretation
  • Korean audio and video transcription
  • Korean voiceovers and subtitling
  • Korean website translation
  • Korean desktop publishing and localization

Because we are confident in the Korean translation services our subject matter experts provide, we’re pleased to be able to offer specialized services in several industries:

Life Sciences and Medical

Our Korean Life Sciences and Medical translation team has enabled the world’s leading companies to reach out to multicultural audiences world-wide. It is made up of highly skilled Korean linguists who also specialize in scientific and medical terminology. We service a full range of life science partners from providers to payers from pharmaceutical companies to biotechnology firms from medical device suppliers to clinical research officers. 

The Korean translators who work for DTS are native Korean speakers often living in South Korea. They are familiar with an array of documents including:

  • Korean clinical trial questionnaires
  • Korean Patient Informed Consent Forms (ICF’s)
  • Korean doctor guides
  • Korean drug and package inserts
  • Korean drug and package labels
  • Korean IFUs and DFUs
  • Korean patent forms
  • Korean protocols, and more

    Technical and Manufacturing

    DTS Language Services, Inc. has served some of the most well respected technical and manufacturing global enterprises. Strict confidentiality means we can’t reveal the specifics, but these are household brands you would certainly recognize. 

    There’s a good reason these brands trust DTS to be their language partner. Our project managers and Korean translators are there to ensure that our manufacturing clients receive the highest quality Korean to English and English to Korean translations in the industry.

    In addition to Korean document translation such as operator and service manuals, technical and service bulletins, e-learning programs and training materials, we also provide Korean simultaneous interpreting, Korean consecutive interpreting, and Korean transcription services.

    Financial and Legal

    Within our network of experienced linguists, we have Korean legal translators trained in Korean “legalese” and with subject matter expertise around terminology specific to different practice areas. Whether you’re in need of a translator for patent verification, litigation, document management, electronic data discovery, deposition services, or on-site document identification, DTS has you covered.

    In addition to Korean financial and legal translations, our team offers audio and video transcription services, as well as court reporting. We offer three types of flexible transcription services:

    • Monolingual: transcribing an audio or video file from oral to written form in the same language (spoken language ‘A’ → written language ‘A’)
    • Interpretive: transcribing an audio or video file from oral to written form in a different language (spoken language ‘A’ → written language ‘B’)
    • Double Column: transcribing an audio or video file from oral to written form in both languages (spoken language ‘A’ → written language ‘A’ and ‘B’)

    Our expert Korean translators and transcriptionists have experience working with a wide range of legal documents including patent applications, merger and acquisition contracts, trademark and copyright paperwork, wills and trusts, business documents, leases, and more.

    You might be surprised to know that while Korean attorneys and financial professionals often are fluent English speakers, they prefer to read legal and financial documents in Korean. Although you may think that machine translation systems that include large data bases of bilingual patent terminology are sufficient to translate your documents, there is really no substitute for a human translator


    Given that our headquarters is located in one of the fastest growing technology hubs in the U.S., it’s no wonder top technology companies trust DTS to provide end-to-end solutions for Korean language projects. We use only experienced language professionals who have experience working with highly-technical Korean documents and technical terminology.

    Tech savvy Korean translators are standing by and ready to help you with website translations, online help content (e.g., customer service chat), systems engineering, software localization and documentation, multimedia content, e-learning, content management systems, and more.

    At DTS Language Services, Inc. we don’t simply provide high quality Korean translation services, we’re here to be your global partner as you work to grow your business. Whether your project requires document translation, audio and video transcription, desktop publishing and localization, phone interpretation, or website translation, our team is ready to support you.

    Your next step is to request your quote and we’ll send you a confirmation email to let you know we’re on the case. Are you ready for a different translation experience? Contact us today!

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