Rapid Globalization for Your Organization Through Greek Translation

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Greece has given us democracy, philosophy, geometry, and the Olympics. It is the land of pristine blue waters and Greek Mythology. It is the home of the gyro and baklava, but have you ever considered how Greece could globalize your business? 

13 million native speakers, primarily in Greece and Cyprus, speak Greek, but there are also large populations in Italy, Albania, and Turkey. Combining Greek translation with Italian and Albanian translation is a smart way to support your company’s global expansion. 

When you partner with DTS Language Services, Inc., translating multiple languages is an easy way to capitalize on your business model and gain a global reach. Consider the diaspora (a Greek-derived word) of civilizations, cultures, and languages intermingling around the globe — translating into one additional language is beneficial, but translating your content into multiple languages can open up even more opportunities. 

Language That’s The Right Fit 

When you are choosing a language service provider to help showcase your brand to the world, you need to make sure they are the right fit for you. Trusting the product of an AI service when translating something as complex as Greek is risky. You need reliable, trustworthy, and qualified language experts. 

Greek is a phonetic alphabet, meaning it is a language that uses symbols for the sounds and words you speak, another example of a phonetic alphabet is Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Phonetic languages are notoriously difficult to learn, which makes translating languages like Greek a special challenge.

When you partner with a language service provider you trust, you can leave the complex translations to us. Our ability to translate across a number of languages will boost your product in ways you probably can’t yet conceive of. This means we will do the heavy lifting so you can stay focused on your business. This is what makes DTS a company that is tailor-made for your industry

Life Sciences & Medical

For your life sciences and medical needs working with Greek linguists who understand the ins and outs of your industry is crucial. When your Greek translation could save an individual’s life, the translation just can’t be adequate, it needs to be, well, life saving

Our specialized Greek translators have experience working with documents including:

  • Packaging and Labeling
  • Instructions-For-Use Inserts
  • Medical Device Operation Manuals
  • Physician Letters
  • Full List Here

The standards for your industry cannot be compromised for any reason. Place your trust in experts who have four decades of experience, and project managers who will work side by side with you until you’re 100% satisfied. 

Technical & Manufacturing

When it comes to technical and manufacturing translations, transcriptions, and interpretation, you want to work with subject-matter-experts who understand the standards of your industry. This will ensure an efficient roll-out of your Greek to English translations. 

Our team members will be able to create a fast, certified, and accurate translation that captivates your Greek audience — this includes your: 

  • Product Data Sheets
  • Training and User Manuals
  • Summary of Product Characteristics
  • Instruction and User Guides
  • And More

Legal & Finance

Within our database of linguists, we have experts who cover all aspects of your Greek language needs. This means we have Greek linguists who speak “legalese.” We also have subject matter experts who not only create quality translations, but also localize the product. 

If you need a product for a specific audience, making sure the verbatim translation is accurate is only the first step. You also need someone who can catch subtle, cultural references that might not work for your target market.

You can rest assured we will help you with legal translation, but have you also considered English to Greek translation for your banking, insurance, and investment translation projects?

Banks have been at the forefront of globalization with financial institutions breaching out in every continent. Our experts target the audience you want to reach and then ensure that your product captivates your Greek clients. 

To see all the services we offer, go to our website


It’s important to be able to deliver end-to-end translation solutions that can keep up with the rapidly developing technological industry. Know that with DTS, your timelines will be met and we can even adapt your Greek language projects for global distribution. 

This includes: 

  • Software Localization
  • User Interface
  • Product Catalogues
  • Labeling
  • Brand Management
  • Multimedia Content
  • And Much More

When you’re ready, contact us. We will have your quote back to you within 24 hours, which is just one of many ways DTS ensures rapid globalization in Greek and hundreds of other languages. 

Even if you don’t want to be a polyglot yourself, your company will benefit from using many languages. Let our friendly staff help you reach your globalization goals!

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