Wait, How Many People Speak Chinese? How Simplified Chinese Translation Can Boost your Reach


Here is an important number to remember: 1.31 billion. Yes, that’s a 10-digit number. Why is this number important when discussing Simplified Chinese translation services? It’s important because there are 1.31 billion Chinese speakers in the world (that’s roughly 16% of the world’s population) and with this number, Chinese tops the list of most spoken languages. 

Now, there are many facets to understanding the scale and complexity of the Chinese language—often referred to as an umbrella language because Mandarian, Cantonese, Hakka, and around 200 more dialects have been formed from around 50,000 (some believe it’s closer to 100,000) Traditional Chinese characters. Fear not, though, modern Chinese dictionaries only contain around 20,000 characters. 

All of these big numbers really mean one thing to you, though: incorporating Simplified Chinese translation services could be the advantage you need to scale your business. 

Simplified vs. Traditional Chinese

Confused yet? We would be surprised if you weren’t. So here is a quick history lesson about the Chinese language. 

Chinese differs from English in significant ways. For starters, English is an interconnected spoken and written language, which means that the words you speak are the same as those you write down. Unlike English, spoken Chinese is drastically different from written Chinese, which incorporates characters or symbols that convey the meaning of a word. 

In fact, the Traditional Chinese system was so complex that literacy rates in China during the 1950s maxed out at 20%. When you have an illiterate country, you have slow economic progress. So, the government decided to institute educational reforms, which became quite popular with the people as well. One of the biggest reforms was the creation of a written language that was quick, simple, and closer to the spoken dialect. Simplified Chinese was born. 

Once Simplified Chinese was introduced to China’s educational system—literacy rates soared. Today, reading and writing Chinese only requires about 8,000 Simplified Chinese characters. If you think your calligraphy skills are impressive, check out a real pro (the topline of the video is the traditional style compared to the bottom line showing the simplified version). 

One note of caution here: don’t be fooled by the term “Simplified” when looking for help translating Simplified Chinese to English, or any other language. Instead, stick with professionals you can trust. 

Our team at DTS Language Service, Inc., feels confident in our ability to aid the globalization of your business with Simplified Chinese translation. Let’s consider how expansive your reach can become. 

Life Sciences & Medical

When translating medical device manuscripts, pharmaceutical documents, clinical trial questionnaires, or healthcare paperwork, translating into Chinese doesn’t have to add to the complexity of terms within the life science and medical fields. The right experts will be able to understand the nuances of your industry’s terminology and use the system of Simplified Chinese characters to create the results you’re after. 

DTS has a qualified team of specialists waiting to translate:

  • Patient Informed Consent Forms (ICFs) and Patient Information Leaflets (PILs)
  • Doctor guides
  • Drug inserts
  • Patient guides
  • Manuals & Instructions
  • Check out our other service offerings on our website

Technical & Manufacturing

Are you struggling with finding Simplified Chinese translators for product and parts catalogs, marketing materials, product data sheets, and training and user manuals? Do you have another  language translation need?

DTS has the answers. We offer an extensive list of ways we can save you time and energy translating technical documents from English to Simplified Chinese or from Simplified Chinese to English. 

For the last four decades, DTS has built a record of meeting translation needs and from this experience, we have tailored the translation process to the specific requests of our clients. We aim to deliver a high quality product for your global audience, whether that’s within the field of agricultural, heavy machinery and construction equipment, engineering, or automotive, our team is equipped to handle your Simplified Chinese to English translation. 

We understand that for your target outreach your translation must be accurate—literally letter perfect—and we deliver the utmost quality behind each word. This allows us to deliver your message across all languages, which gives you the potential to reach a maximum number of  current and future clients. 

Legal & Finance

Have you been struggling with Simplified Chinese legalese preventing the timely delivery of your court proceedings, sworn statements, trademark and patent registration, or financial reports? When working with DTS, your capacity to meet deadlines will be a non-issue. Our subject matter experts follow a unique workflow that gives them (and you) the power to complete legal translation and financial document translation projects quickly and accurately. 

We cover all the ways for you to reach your audience, including:

  • Pleadings
  • Briefs
  • Examinations under oath
  • NDAs
  • Datasheets
  • Financial reports

For a full list of our ability to translate your Simplified Chinese to English project, click here


China’s technological economy is the second biggest on the market to date. Following closely on the heels of the United States, China is poised for extraordinary economic growth in the coming years and China’s 5G network is almost on par with ours. In the near future, the ability for you to communicate around the world will almost certainly require translating your documents into Simplified Chinese. Don’t let a language barrier prevent you from taking the steps toward global expansion. 

When working with a language service provider, like the team at DTS, you will easily be able to stay ahead of the competition with fast and cost-effective language solutions. Our localization testing and software capacity will allow you to deliver your new product on time, everytime. 

This includes:

  • Brand Management
  • Multimedia Content
  • Product Launch Briefings
  • App Store & Google Play Materials
  • E-learning
  • And more 

If top consumer electronics companies trust DTS’ expert linguists to deliver high quality translations that have helped them enter and capture new markets, we believe you can too.

Wait, How Many People Speak Chinese?

Remember, 1.31 billion people speak Chinese around the world. This means translating your website, marketing materials, and other documents has the potential to increase your market capacity by 16%. From where we are sitting, this seems like a no brainer. Simplified Chinese translation services provided by quality experts will boost your company’s reach. 

When you’re ready to capitalize on the most spoken language in the world, we will be here to help. Contact us today.

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