7 Crucial Reasons Why You Need Spanish Translation


If you run a business, you might find yourself coming across language barriers with clients if you haven’t put some time into translation services or globalization.

The world is moving to a more intercultural space, and with that move, people are going to need to be able to understand each other in all areas of life. You might have clients or potential business connections who don’t speak your language, but you’ll still need to connect with them if you want your company to thrive.

Investing in Spanish translation services is one way to take a big step towards globalizing your business and making yourself look more professional.

If you have yet to take that step, you’re one of many. There are plenty of reasons to consider translation, though. Here are 7 reasons why you need Spanish translation for your business today.

1. Legal Documents May Need Professional Translation

If your document is going to be going to court, it might be necessary for the translation to be done by a professional translator

This might not be necessary in your area, as it isn’t necessary worldwide, but you need to look into the specific requirements of your district and ensure that you’re following them correctly. 

Many times, documents need to be authenticated or signed off by an expert translator before they’ll be seen by the courts. Having a specialized translating service makes this easy. 

You can simply give the service the guidelines of the jurisdiction and they can ensure that everything is followed correctly, taking all of the pressure off of your end. 

2. Inaccurate Translations Can Lead to Malpractice

Malpractice is one of those words that no one in charge ever wants to hear when it comes to their company. Unfortunately, poorly translated documents can lead to malpractice even with the best efforts and intentions. 

A poorly translated document can cause situations to go against your intended plans. When you’re handling things on someone else’s behalf, this is a huge problem. 

Avoid it by investing in a proper translator. You want happy clients who get the best possible work done. 

3. A Bilingual Friend Might Not Get It Right

You might try to get by without a professional translator by having a bilingual friend or colleague try to translate the document for you. Over 43 million Americans are native Spanish speakers, so you may know someone. If the colleague or friend is completely bilingual, or a native Spanish speaker, this might be a good choice. However, you might still run into some problems.

Even a native speaker could run into some issues with translating very specialized documents. There could be nuances specific to the field in question that aren’t easily translated, or that the person isn’t familiar with. In that case, they might struggle with the translation and end up making some errors.

It’s best to hire a professional who knows how to do the research to get a perfect and accurate translation. 

    4. Google Translate Is Unreliable

    If you’re new to translation, you might decide to use an automatic free translating service such as Google translate. However, this would be a mistake, especially if you’re translating a very important document.

    Google translate certainly has its uses, but overall it’s incredibly unreliable. When compared to a real person, it simply doesn’t have the ability to fully understand what it’s supposed to be “reading” well enough to fully translate it in a coherent way.

    In other words, a Google translated document is likely to be at least partially nonsensical to a native speaker. When you’re in a professional setting, this isn’t ideal. Avoid this situation by hiring a professional translator. 

    5. Complicated Terms Are Confusing for Machines

    Even if you are only using machine translation occasionally, you can still run into trouble with the most trusted of machine translators.

    Complex terminology used for many professional documents is often too confusing for machine translation. Machines aren’t often able to understand the nuance involved in legal documents, and errors are common.

    If you’re not well-versed in Spanish yourself, you may be unable to catch those errors before they go out to your clients.

    6. Translators Make It Personal

    Language doesn’t always translate exactly. A professional translator will be able to offer a personal touch to the document, making sure that the words aren’t only translated literally, but also in their actual meanings and connotations. 

    A translator will also be able to explain their translation to you, where a machine will not have that ability. The choices that are made will be deliberate and they’ll be able to be explained. This is essential for a proper translation.

    7. We Live in an Increasingly Global World

    It’s undeniable that there is more and more intercommunication between cultures as time goes on. You won’t be able to rely on machine translators or bilingual colleagues forever.

    Now is the time to invest in the growth of your company by investing in professional translators. Leaning into globalization will help your business thrive. Avoiding it by skirting around solving the problem of translation will only hinder your progress.

    Professional Spanish Translation Is Essential

    If you’re in need of translation services, don’t settle for machine translation or the work of a friend who isn’t well-versed in your field. Seeking the help of a professional, especially for an important client, is essential. 

    Spanish translation requires nuance and skill, and can’t be done properly by a machine. A proper translator will translate your document with ease, conveying meaning and tone in ways that a non-professional or a bot would fail at. 

    For more information on professional translation services, or to seek out services for yourself, contact us

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