The Value of Arabic Translation Services

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Very few American-based global companies translate their websites or other content into Arabic. Yet, more than 420 million people around the world are native Arabic speakers. This represents a huge growth opportunity for companies.

Of course, English to Arabic translations require special considerations. The layout of written documents will likely be different between the two languages and because of the differences in script, it takes an experienced translator to get everything right.

These only scratch the surface of what you should be thinking when it comes to choosing an Arabic translation partner. The skilled translators, interpreters, transcriptionists, and project managers at DTS Language Services, Inc. are here to help. So, let’s take a look at additional points to consider.

Before you dive into your arabic translation project, there are some steps you should consider:

Step 1: Set Goals and Create a Plan 

How does translation fit into your company’s business strategy and goals? If your company is exploring an opportunity in the UAE, for instance, then Arabic translation is crucial.

Think through your process: who is responsible for interacting with the project manager and what makes sense in terms of timing?

Do you need translation alone or could you also need interpreting services, transcription, localization, etc.? 

Answering these questions will give you strong guardrails as you negotiate your Arabic language service needs.

Step 2: Research Your Target Audience

For every document or translation project, it’s important to consider who will be reading the translation. What is their education level? Where are they located? What are their preferences and expectations? Will they expect local references?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you fine tune your written content with the appropriate tone and message. Your Arabic translator will be able to offer insights about tone and messaging as well. 

Step 3: Critical Content Needs Higher Quality Translation

Successful high quality Arabic translations requires a professional team who knows how much translation quality can impact your bottom line. Our team of linguistic experts deliver high quality language services on time and on budget. We treat every project with the attention to detail it deserves. That’s why translation clients have been coming to us for over 40 years.

Whenever we’re asked to edit written content that has been done by internal staff without translation experience or using a computer algorithm, meaning is almost always lost. Actually, editing a poor quality translation can be harder than simply starting from scratch. So, using a team of professional translators for your Arabic to English translation is always best when quality counts.

Contact DTS for a quote on your Arabic translation project and other related business services. We offer the following Arabic translation services:

  • Arabic document translation
  • On-demand Arabic phone interpretation
  • Arabic audio and video transcription
  • Arabic voiceovers and subtitling
  • Arabic website translation
  • Arabic desktop publishing and localization

In addition to these services available in over 100 different languages, we offer specialized services across several industries:

Life Sciences and Medical

We have several life sciences and medical subject matter experts on our team who translate from English to Arabic and Arabic to English. These highly skilled linguists enjoy working with our life science partners in clinical trial settings, medical device manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, biotech, healthcare services, and more. 

The Arabic translators who work for DTS are native Arabic speakers often living in North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, or the Middle East—areas known collectively as the Arab world. They are familiar with an array of documents including:

  • Arabic Patient Informed Consent Forms (ICFs) 
  • Arabic Patient Information Leaflets (PILs)
  • Arabic patient guides
  • Arabic drug and package inserts
  • Arabic drug and package labels
  • Arabic regulatory documents
  • Arabic clinical trial documents 
  • Arabic marketing materials, and more

Technical and Manufacturing

If your global business interfaces with the technical and manufacturing sectors in the Arab world, it’s crucial that you can communicate with your partners abroad. Whether you’re looking for innovative solutions to keep operations running smoothly or looking to expand your market in the Middle east, DTS is ready to go to work for you.

We have Arabic experts who can translate technical documents like manuals and service bulletins for heavy machinery; interpret training videos and other employee safety programs; and ensure consistency across documents in all of your key global markets.


The final area of specialization our Arabic translators cover is the technology industry. We have partnered with large technology companies around the world and experience has taught us that information and regulations move very fast in this rapidly evolving industry. Our experience allows us to keep up with your business growth.

Our Arabic language specialists can support you with your next product or service launch, website translation and localization, or software release. We will work with you to connect with your counterparts overseas. And we have experience using Enterprise Application Software (EAS) as well as Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software.  

When you’re looking for Arabic translation services; medical, legal, or financial transcription; or confidential on-demand interpreter services, DTS Language Services, Inc. is here. We have a vast network of language professionals with the subject matter expertise to get the job done for your global business.

Have questions about your professional translation needs? Our staff has the answers. Contact us today to figure out what works best for you. Looking for a quote? We’ll give you a quick and accurate estimate based on our Arabic translation service rates. Request your quote now!

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