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For most organizations, translation is not your core business activity. Other issues – from drug development to device development, branding to business – take priority. Yet in this increasingly global industry, it’s more important than ever to move translation up the list. As your organization makes the effort to globalize and localize, the most effective use of language can make the difference between success and a missed opportunity. Make sure you choose the right language service provider to help you succeed.

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Online Translation Portal

The DTS Portal is a web-based way to ensure that you and your staff use a consistent approach to track medical translation projects and their costs (by PI, sponsor, etc.) to keep them on track, on time, and on budget. Click for more information.

Medical Editing Services

If you suspect that a document may have been translated inaccurately, DTS translation proofreading services can give you peace of mind. Click for more information.

Technical Translations Services

Documents you write for your products or industry are highly specialized publications. When you need technical translation services to provide accurate translations for your peers or consumers, you need a document translation service with comprehensive knowledge of your industry and the regions and markets you are targeting. Click for more information.

Desktop Publishing & Localization

When documents that have undergone translation and localization services require special layout or formatting, you can count on DTS to accommodate your needs in dozens of languages. Our graphic design and electronic pre-press professionals understand the complexities of preparing foreign language electronic files for printing. Click for more information.

Medical and Clinical Translation Services

By partnering with us, you join a long roster of Life Sciences industry leaders who enjoy the benefits of having a medical translator on hand from a medical translation company known for superior accuracy, language quality, all-inclusive pricing, and prompt turnaround. Click for more information.

Certified Medical and Pharmaceutical Translations Services

If your documents must comply with FDA regulations or other federal or international agencies, you may need trusted certified document translation services. Click for more information.

Medical and Clinical Back Translation Services

If you have a document that was written originally in English, then translated into another language, and you now want to see that translation back in English, you need a back translation (or reverse translation). Click for more information.

DTS Language Services provides high-quality translation services and best-in-class globalization solutions for Pharmaceutical Companies, Medical Device Manufacturers, Clinical Research Organizations (CROs), Patient Recruitment Companies and Healthcare Providers. We realize that you have many choices in translation and globalization service providers, and we work to consistently deliver the high-quality, accurate, and on-time service that has allowed us to remain the world’s most worry-free language services organization.

We perform medical translation, biotechnology translation, pharmaceutical translation and clinical translation services for many Life Sciences clients, including:

Pharmaceutical Companies
Biotechnology Organizations
Medical Device Manufacturers
Medical Device Companies
Patient Recruitment Companies
CRO companies (Contract Research Organizations)
Clinical Research Companies
Clinical Trial Companies
Institutional Review Boards (IRBs)
Hospitals and Healthcare Providers
Clinical Trial Organizations

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