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“I have worked with many translation services organizations over the years. DTS is by far the one that has delivered the best quality and customer service. DTS takes into account context, industry-specific jargon, and most importantly, culture. This is not something you can get from the typical big-box translations company. I was tired of receiving word-by-word translations that completely missed the overarching meaning of entire paragraphs. I have not had that problem with DTS and for that reason, I recommend DTS every opportunity I have.”

Freddy Iwan, Chief Legal Officer, ICE Global Consulting

“I have had the experience of working with the DTS Team for translation needs over a span of 16 years. DTS always provided top quality and 100% accuracy on all translated documents. The DTS Team is always professional and go to great lengths to meet all timelines.

Late one Friday afternoon I was contacted by a client requesting a consent form to translated by the upcoming Monday. The subject was 6 years old and this Monday was the last chance for the child to receive a cancer treatment to save their life. The DTS Team worked the weekend with myself and the client. The translated document was in the clients hands Sunday evening for Monday morning consenting. Above and beyond customer service.

I highly recommend DTS for all your translation needs.”

Therese Allen, WCG IRB 


Regulatory Affairs Mgr.

“DTS did an excellent job with translations for us. I would highly recommend DTS Language Services to any pharma/medical device colleagues. Your company did a cost-effective, and excellent job translating and providing translation certificates.”


Associate Project Admin.

“I really appreciate you being to accommodate this request, especially for our biggest client. I am trying to highlight your great customer service and turnaround time on this project to them so that they can see what an amazing vendor you are and want to choose you in the future.”


Manager, Reg. Affairs

“You are our preferred provider of translations. We appreciate your timely service and competitive quotes and we are very happy with your service. The DTS customer portal is specifically very nice to work with as it is easy to submit a quote request and track our progress.”


Senior CRA

“In all seriousness, I have and will continue to refer anyone I meet who has translation needs to DTS. I have drowned you in praises before, so I won’t bore you again, but I think the DTS team is fantastic and couldn’t imagine working with another translation company.”


Lead Clin. Res. Assoc.

“Your commitment to meeting time lines and customer service keeps our group coming back to you. My other colleagues are also very pleased with your services. I will certainly be in touch when the need for translations pops up.”


Site Document Specialist

“I (as well as most people here) think that everyone at DTS is just awesome and great at everything you guys do. You’re reliable, quick, competitively-priced, and accurate and many many more adjectives that I can’t come up with right this second. Believe me, when I say we use DTS whenever we possibly can.”


Reg. Compliance Spec.

“Thank you very much for your assistance over the phone and the quick and informative information. As we have experienced in the past, the quality of people and work at DTS Language Services is the best.”


Project Manager

“Thank you for everything. Thanks to DTS I’ll be able to deliver this IND as planned. You’ve been a pleasure to work with and you can be sure any future translation work will come your way. I will also refer you to my colleagues here.”


VP, European Prod. Dist.

“The work DTS does is impressive. When we are impressed, we generally do not make any feedback…Only in cases of error do we do so. Please pass along that the work is more than very good.”



“We needed DTS to help us translate the text for a substantial educational offering from English to Chinese. Having tried various other approaches unsuccessfully, we needed a fast and reliable solution as our program launch date was approaching. The content contained highly-specific statistics and research terminology, so we needed a partner that not only knew the language, but had expertise in the specific domain of knowledge.

DTS literally saved the day for us. They set up a process that functioned like clockwork, allowing us to upload our English documents and receive back translated documents always on time or ahead of schedule. We had complete visibility in to the status of every document which made it easy to schedule our final checkpoints on our side. Their team of translators were also great with our feedback, and quickly learned our preferences made adjustments to style. Thanks to DTS we were able to complete our library of nearly 35 courses and launch the program successfully.”


Creative Manager

“It was a joy to work with such a responsive, reliable and friendly company. I can highly recommend DTS to anyone wanting translation. I was also impressed with your knowledge of desktop publishing. Everything went so smoothly on our projects. We definitely will be returning to you for our translation needs.”


Clinical Trials Coord.

“The entire staff has been incredible to work with and I’m sure we’ll have the chance to do so again both with this project and others in the future!”


Hospital Project Manager

“We use DTS. My contact is Amanda Blevins. They are fantastic, with reasonable fees and very quick turn-arounds.”


Lead CRA

“Thank you DTS for such excellent support in providing service and working directly with the study coordinator. They were able to enroll the patient in time!”


MSc, PMP | Senior Program Director

We got the translation and someone suggested we run it by our Chief Applications Officer, who happens to be French, and he had high praise! He even said “I even learned a few new words which I had to look up (new terms in French for Webinars, Whitepapers for example).


Administrative Associate of Regulatory Affairs

“It’s on a case-by-case basis. I upload the specs to portal, DTS confirms that they’ve received it, which is helpful, then they send a quote along with a timeline, and we’re off and running. The process works well. DTS is always personable and friendly.”


Senior Manager of Regulatory Affairs

DTS did an excellent job with translations for Alveolus (medical device company). I would highly recommend DTS Language Services to any pharma/medical device colleagues. DTS did a cost-effective, punctual, and excellent job translating as well as providing translation certificates.

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