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If you think Portuguese is only spoken by people living in Portugal, think again. Portuguese is actually the fifth most popular language spoken in the world. It is the main language in Brazil, Cabo Vere, Mozambique, and Guinea-Bissau and the co-official language in Macau and East Timor.

Among our network of experienced linguists, we have translators, interpreters, and project managers specializing in over 100 languages including Portuguese. It’s crucial to find excellent Portuguese translators because like English, Portuguese has many variations and linguistic variations or cultural differences can be a challenge when it comes to document translation

As you work through the process of finding an English to Portuguese translator, make sure to ask the right questions. The following will give you the lay of the land and help you recognize high quality Portuguese translation services.

Portuguese Translation Services

At DTS Language Services, Inc., our translation clients have been coming to us for over 40 years because they trust our team to deliver high quality language services on time and on budget. We treat every project with the attention to detail it deserves. When it comes to hiring a Portuguese translator, you want to know you’re hiring the very best.

Contact DTS for a quote on your Portuguese translation project and other related business services. We offer the following Portuguese translation services:

  • Portuguese document translation
  • On-demand Portuguese phone interpretation
  • Portuguese audio and video transcription
  • Portuguese voiceovers and subtitling
  • Portuguese website translation
  • Portuguese desktop publishing and localization

Of course, you know that it’s not good enough to find a Portuguese translator with strong language skills. You also need a translator with subject matter expertise. Over the years, DTS has built its reliable team of experts ready to offer specialized services across several industries:

Life Sciences and Medical

The foundation of our business is the life sciences and medical industry. Our translators, interpreters, and transcriptionists have worked with some of the world’s largest life sciences organizations. This experience has allowed us to hone our proven quality process driven by industry standards.


The life sciences industry is highly regulated, so we know that quality assurance, measurability, and transparency are key to getting the results you are after. DTS is a recognized expert in these areas. Whether your goal is to get your medical device to market more quickly or register your pharmaceutical product with foreign markets, our customized total quality approach will get you across the finish line.


Our staff of highly trained life sciences experts translate English to Portuguese with ease because they are native Portuguese speakers often living in countries where Portuguese is the dominant language. Being immersed in the culture and in the language gives our linguists the perspective they need to provide services including:

  • Portuguese clinical trial questionnaires
  • Portuguese Patient Informed Consent Forms (ICF’s)
  • Portuguese doctor guides
  • Portuguese drug and package inserts
  • Portuguese drug and package labels
  • Portuguese IFUs and DFUs
  • Portuguese patent forms
  • Portuguese protocols, and more

Technical and Manufacturing

In the financial and legal services sector, the demand for high quality language services is sky high. That’s why we ensure that we have plenty of coverage for all types of Portuguese legal and financial terminology. This very technical industry requires English to Portuguese translators with a very specific set of skills.

Are you looking for translations of bank transactions, business reports, annual profit statements, trade agreements, or shareholder reports?

We have teams of professional translators who are extensively trained in legal terms and jargon and qualified to provide even the most complex legal translations and interpretations.

Are you in need of accurate legal transcriptions

We offer three types of flexible transcription services:

  • Monolingual: transcribing an audio or video file from oral to written form in the same language (spoken language ‘A’ → written language ‘A’)
  • Interpretive: transcribing an audio or video file from oral to written form in a different language (spoken language ‘A’ → written language ‘B’)
  • Double Column: transcribing an audio or video file from oral to written form in both languages (spoken language ‘A’ → written language ‘A’ and ‘B’)

Are you ready to pitch foreign investors?

The amount of data and information required by investment banks is overwhelming and if you’re pitching investors outside of the U.S. there’s even more to deal with. DTS has designed a unique workflow that gives us the capability to handle asset management translation projects, investment translation projects, and regular financial translation projects quickly and accurately.

Our expert Portuguese translators, interpreters, and transcriptionists have experience working with a wide range of legal documents including patent applications, merger and acquisition contracts, trademark and copyright paperwork, wills and trusts, business documents, leases, and more.

You might be surprised to know that while Portuguese attorneys and other legal professionals are often fluent English speakers, they prefer to read legal and financial documents in their native Portuguese. To learn more about our legal translation process, click on this blog article.


The technology sector is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Information and communication moves lightning fast in this rapidly changing market. You need a translation agency that can keep up with these changes. 

Our Portuguese language specialists are here to support you as you tackle your global software product launch using Enterprise Application Software (EAS). DTS has localization teams that will work in lockstep with your development team to ensure your EAS software products make sense to your target market.

Also, the revolution in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software has allowed product designers to move from concept to design to launch more quickly and with smaller budgets than ever before. With our localization testing and software localization services, we let you roll out your new product lines and updates on time, every time.

When you’re looking for Portuguese translation services, on-demand interpreters, or professional transcription services, DTS Language Services, Inc. is here. We have a premier network of language professionals with the subject matter expertise you expect and require for your business.

Contact us today to talk about your project and get a clear understanding of how we could work together. When you work in your zone of expertise, while we do the same, everyone wins! Take action and request your quote. 

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