IT Organization Required Turn-key Localization for E-Commerce App

The Problem

An Information Technology (IT) start-up firm was developing a web-based E-commerce app for global B2B users.  They needed the app to be operable in dozens of languages, and they wanted a localization partner who was:

  • Responsive to their changing needs and developing milestones
  • Conversant in HTML coding language and comfortable working within the code of their app
  • Experts in international cultures and languages, and who could advise them to make appropriate cultural adaptions to their content for a given country or region to best optimize User Experience (UX).

This was the IT company’s very first experience fulfilling a localization requirement, and they needed help and advisement from the very start.  Unfortunately, their first choice of vendors, a large, global “big box” localization services company proved to be a complete partnership failure.  Although the initial translation pricing of the large industry player initially seemed attractive, the IT executives became increasingly frustrated with lack of responsiveness (sometimes it would take 1-2 weeks to respond to basic email questions and service needs), a lack of technical expertise (not knowing how to efficiently incorporate new content changes of the app into existing translations of the code), and an unwillingness to provide even the most basic cultural advisement where appropriate.  There were also numerous basic translation errors that revealed a lack of proper QA review and general shoddiness.  As a result, the IT firm was quickly falling behind its promised milestones, creating lost revenue opportunity costs and damaging trust with their potential future buyers and partner firms.

Solution Approach

  • Assignment of Dedicated Staff

DTS immediately assigned a dedicated employee to meet with the executives in person to listen to the IT management’s worries, fully understand their deepening concerns, and firmly grasp their wants, needs, and milestone date commitments.

  • Customized Solution Plan

After two initial consultation meetings in person, DTS proposed a solution plan that included weekly communication progress report update meetings with its software localization team, as well as “best practices” tips on how to best incorporate changes to app content within previously translated HTML files.  This made it much easier for the IT firm’s team and saved them significant time.

  • Fast Proposal Submission

Instead of taking over a week to receive a translation quote (which was the IT firm’s previous experience), DTS submitted its proposal within 24 hours of receiving the source HTML files of the app.  Although more expensive on the front end than the “big box” company, the DTS proposal precisely targeted the IT firm’s requirements and addressed gaps that had been either misunderstood or simply ignored altogether by the previous vendor.


  • On-time Delivery

DTS routinely delivered localized HTML files on a consistent, timely basis by or before the dates promised, which avoided lost time, energy and other domino effect headaches with key stakeholders of the IT firm and its partners.

  • Met Customer Requirements

As promised, DTS suggested minor content adjustments for certain countries and languages based on its knowledge of native speakers, cultures, and international customs.  This level of customized, customer service and listening was EXACTLY what the IT firm was so desperately seeking.

  • Adapted to Changes

DTS participated in weekly milestone video meetings with team staff and the IT firm’s management to address questions, and learn about changes and new developments.  As a smaller, agile services company, DTS easily facilitated on-going priority changes, requirements, and new language needs on very short notice to the great relief of the IT management.

  • Additional Value

In addition, DTS staff identified several English coding errors which had been overlooked by the IT firm’s programmers, thus saving them the time and cost that would have resulted in their having to address them in future version releases.

The initially higher front-end localization costs that DTS charged proved to be a wise investment of quality and reputability that saved the day.  Likewise, teaching the IT firm’s employees the basic tenets of Translation Memory tools, Terminology Management practices, and welcoming all questions about language and global cultures proved invaluable in serving both the immediate needs as well as building their confidence to take on future localization needs.

Moreover, the resounding success of this teamwork reflected that the right cultural fit between partners is often a superior consideration to blindly hiring a “big industry name” by default.

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