We translate clinical trial documentation for Clinical Research Organizations across more than 100 language groups

quickly, accurately, and with an expertise based on over 40 years of producing IRB-compliant translations.

The Challenges We Address

We specialize in complex, multi-language Patient Consent packages.

  • Dedicated and experienced project management.

  • Time assurance – ready when we promise.

  • Done right the first time.

  • Formatted and ready to go.

How We Work

Every Clinical Trial project is assigned a dedicated project manager with many years of experience in clinical trials.

  • Every project is given a clear and accurate target completion date.

  • Clients can communicate with their Project Manager on the status of their project at any time.

  • We use the leading translation portal technology.

Why Work With DTS?

Our global teams specialize in Clinical Trial Translations.

  • Our project teams understand the timing, accuracy and budget realities of these projects.
  • We’ve translated over five thousand clinical trial-related document packages for over fifty life science companies in the last 2 years alone.

“DTS did an excellent job with translations for Alveolus (medical device company). I would highly recommend DTS Language Services to any pharma/medical device colleagues. DTS did a cost-effective, punctual, and excellent job translating as well as providing translation certificates. ”

Rita Lee – Senior Manager Regulatory Affairs at United Therapeutics Corporation

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Top 10 Criteria for Selecting a Translation Specialist for your Clinical Trial Documents

  1. Verify target language proficiency.
  2. Confirm “all in” project pricing (“per word” charges are just part of the total cost on most projects – are there other fees or costs?)
  3. Validate timing promises:
          >> Time to get a quote?
          >> Translation delivery timeline?
          >> Rush options, if any?
  4. Ask if your actual translators have “subject matter” understanding and experience.
  5. Confirm that all the work will be Certified.
  6. Confirm that all the work is IRB compliant.
  7. Ask how they manage “site specific” consistency and costs across a study.
  8. Confirm that you will work with a dedicated Project Manager.
  9. Ask if English “back translations” are available or standard.
  10. Ask if the company is ISO certified.

Need Help? Let’s Discuss Your Next Project!

Clinical Trial Translations is what we do.

We deliver a headache-free experience of certified translations, guaranteed turn-around time, and responsive project management.