Shine a “Licht” On Your Brand With German Translation Services


The most obvious reason you might have for needing German translation services is that you want to reach an audience living in Germany. However, while the largest concentration of German speakers is in Germany, German is also the official language of five other countries: Austria, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Switzerland.

In fact, German is the most widely spoken language in Europe. It tops the list beating out Italian, French, Spanish, and even English. With over 15 million German speakers worldwide, you may find translating your documents from English to German to be one of the best ways to increase global brand awareness.

Let’s look at how working with a language service provider, like DTS, to deliver high quality German language services can improve your brand’s reputation and leverage your expertise.

Tailor Made for Your Industry

When choosing a language service provider, it’s always important to ask questions, do your homework, and make sure that the German translators working on your project are experts in your industry. While having a native German speaker doing translation work might give you the results you need for simple website content. In technical fields like the life sciences, legal, financial, and technology, you need translators who speak the language and understand the subject matter.

Besides knowing your industry, the German language has some quirks that you will want your translator to be aware of. For example, German is known for long compound words (for instance, “Freundschaftsbezeugungen,” which refers to acts of friendship). As a result, text translated from English into German can be up to 35% longer than the original.

This German language detail can have a significant effect on design. So website copy such as taglines, headlines, and navigation menus may need to be altered. Our Desktop Publishing and Software Localization division is ready to make your website design as aesthetically pleasing as it is easy to read and understand for your German-speaking customers.

In addition to long compound words, German also has two forms of speech (similar to many other languages): formal and informal. Determining which form of speech is correct will be an important point to discuss with your translator. Factors such as who you are addressing and the level of politeness called for in a particular situation make a difference. While the informal form might be appropriate in certain types of copywriting, in general, it’s best to stick with the formal form when addressing a German audience. 

Life Sciences & Medical

For your life sciences and medical translation needs, working with German linguists who have scientific and medical experience makes a big difference. You wouldn’t ask your CFO to interface with the scientists working in your lab. So why would you ask a German translator with banking experience to translate documents designed for medical providers, payers, pharmaceutical professionals, biotech researchers, or medical device manufacturers?

At DTS Language Services, Inc., we have access to German translators with a wide range of subject matter expertise. Our specialized German translators have experience working with documents including clinical trial surveys, German CRFs, German IFUs and DFUs, informed consent agreements, package inserts and labels, product datasheets, site documentation and reports, import/export permits, case study report forms (CRFs), and more.

Technical & Manufacturing

When it comes to technical and manufacturing translations, transcriptions, and interpretation, you want to work with professionals who understand the challenges of your industry. The user experience is as important as launching products without delay. Our project managers will work closely with you to ensure that all of your requirements are met. 

Having worked with some of the largest industrial and manufacturing companies around the world, we are prepared to deliver complex, quick turnaround projects on deadline and without errors. In addition to German document translation, at DTS we also provide:

  • Audio and visual transcription
  • On-demand phone interpretation
  • On-site interpretation
  • Website translation and localization

    Legal & Finance

    Our German translators also speak “legalese.” Within our database of linguists, we have German legal translators who provide legal and financial document translation, as well as legal and litigation services. However, what makes us truly unique in the world of German legal and financial translation is our workflow. Not only do our translators appreciate the system we use, but clients love it too. The system allows our staff to handle your German translation project quickly, accurately, and completely.

    In addition to high quality legal translation and transcription services, we have years of experience with financial language services. 

    Banking Translations: As banks become global financial institutions with offices across every continent, U.S. businesses increasingly need to work with banks in foreign lands. To successfully compete, organizations need translated documents including bank transactions, business reports, annual profit statements, trade agreements and shareholder reports. With our years of banking experience, we help banks adapt their financial, marketing, and global communications into German or any other language.

    Insurance Translations: Two-way communication is especially important for clients and patients who do not speak your source language, but who may be considering changing insurance plans. With translated insurance documents for health, life, risk, auto, vision and dental policies, our translation services help you communicate with your clients in their own languages. You can attract new customers and expand your reach with German insurance document translations.


    In the technology industry, innovation is lightning fast. We understand how important it is to be able to deliver end-to-end translation solutions on your timeline and to quickly adapt your German language projects for global distribution. With this highly technical content, experience really counts. You don’t have time to explain the meaning of different terminology to different translators. So we’ll make sure to provide you with a translation memory (TM) that will save you time with future translations.

    Our network of specialized German linguists provide technology translation services including:

    • Website Translation
    • Online Help Content
    • User Manuals
    • GUI and Instructions
    • Systems Engineering
    • Product Data Management
    • Software Testing (Agile Development)
    • Product Catalogues
    • Labeling
    • Brand Management
    • Multimedia Content
    • Product Launch Briefings
    • App Store & Google Play Materials
    • E-learning
    • Environmental Compliance Content
    • Software Documentation
    • And More

    Whether you are working directly with customers, clients, or staff living in Germany or elsewhere in German-speaking Europe, it makes sense to find a language partner that can deliver for you. Finding a reliable English to German translator can indeed improve your brand’s reputation around the world.

    Contact DTS Language Services, Inc. today to request your quote for German translation services or any other combination of translation, transcription, interpretation, or other related business services.

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