How Spanish Translation Services Can Benefit Your Company

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Did you know that there are 534 million people globally that speak Spanish? Not only is Spanish the official language in 22 countries but it is also spoken in many other countries. 

This Latin-based language is also the second most studied language. Over 20 million students learn it as a foreign language. With the demand for Spanish education, this language is weaving its way into many different industries. 

There are many ways that your business can benefit from Spanish translation services. 

Having a translator on your team can give your business added advantages. From broadening your audience to creating international relationships, translation services can help grow a company in any industry.  

Keep reading to learn more about the Spanish language and how to incorporate language services to upgrade your business.

What You Might Not Know About the Spanish Language
You might be surprised to know that while Spanish is considered one of the most romantic languages in the world, it comes from Vulgar Latin. The name might suggest that it is offensive, but “vulgar” in this context means that it is common and widely used. 

Some Spanish words and phrases are contextual and some words cannot be translated. There are unique words that only a native Spanish speaker can explain in English.

You want to be careful when using certain colloquialisms from one country to another. You can use a common word in a funny or vulgar way without even knowing it!

Spanish around the world also has different accents. Spanish in Spain is thought to be more formal and is spoken with a distinctive “lisp”.

In Argentina and Uruguay, they also use different pronunciations for many words. They use the Rioplatense dialect in major cities of these two countries. Their accent can confuse even an intermediate speaker.

Spanish also has many different dialects. You may wonder, for example, “what’s the difference between an ‘accent’ and a ‘dialect’?” While you may certainly find the two terms used interchangeably in articles written by non-linguists, they do have different technical meanings.

Whereas an accent refers to the way different speakers in different locations pronounce words, a dialect has its own grammar, vocabulary, syntax, and common expressions that differentiates it from other dialects. In other words, you can think of an accent as one part of a dialect with ‘dialect’ being an all-encompassing term. Want to learn more about Spanish dialects? Check out 11 Mindblowing Facts About Spanish Dialects.

Learning Spanish in different countries can be fun because it is so unique in every place you go.

Broader Social Media Outreach

Social media is one of the most effective tools your company can use to reach your audience. Using language services, you can create a whole new client base through social media. 

Do some research into the social media markets in Spanish-speaking countries. See what platforms are popular and learn how to communicate with a Spanish audience. This is a great way to grow your business and create potential new clients. 

Having someone on your team to translate Spanish is an effective way of tapping into the Spanish-speaking market. They can help explain contextual meanings and expand your brand marketing. They can also upgrade your social media with language-friendly services. 

Tap Into Different Markets

Spanish translation services can also help you understand the technology market in other countries. 

Technological advancements move at different speeds all around the world. You can research where there is a need or gap in the market for certain tech services. You might see that your company can provide a service that is in demand in another country. 

A Spanish translator can help you reach out to those in your industry. This will help you create meaningful partnerships. In any industry, it is important to approach business with cultural sensitivity and communicate effectively. 

Capitalize on the Demand for Spanish Education

As previously mentioned, Spanish is the second most studied language in the world. That means that the demand for language services is growing, particularly with Spanish. 

There are new technologies with Spanish software, resources, and educational tools. With that comes the need for translation services.

It can also allow you to educate your team. On top of having Spanish translation services, you can also have incentives for your team members to learn Spanish. You can incorporate lessons and webinars on tech-specific language. 

Collaborate on an International Level

Being able to create partnerships abroad can grow your business exponentially. Providing business services in another country is a surefire way to expand your company. It can help grow your business into an international enterprise. 

A Spanish language specialist on your team can help you translate documents and mediate during meetings. They can act as a liaison between you and your international partners. This will help provide clarity for both partners during a business deal.

They can help you make a smooth transition from a national brand to an internationally recognized company. 

Provide Better Customer Service

One of the greatest benefits of translation services is the ability to provide better quality customer service. 

In the United States, approximately 13% of the population speaks Spanish. That means when someone calls for an inquiry about your business product or service, there is a good chance that they are a native Spanish speaker.

Offering customer service in a customer’s native tongue adds to their overall satisfaction. This can turn a one-time customer into a loyal one. 

You can use this type of customer service in all facets of your business. This includes on-demand phone interpretation and instant messaging services. This is an effective way to give quality service to keep your customer engaged. 

Grow Your Business With Spanish Translation Services

Spanish translation services not only help you broaden your audience and give you the opportunity to make international relationships with clients, but they also help you provide better customer service. With a growing number of Spanish speakers, the demand for Spanish education and language services is higher than ever – and you don’t want your business to miss out! 

Be sure to visit our website and request a quote for language services to help grow your business today. 

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