6 Fast Facts about Italian and the Impact It Can Have on your Business

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Let’s talk about stress for a moment — no, do not worry, we aren’t talking about physical stress. We are talking about the phonetic stress of language. Specifically, we are talking about stress in Italian words. 

When it comes to speaking this beautiful, Romance language, you don’t have to worry about which syllables need to be stressed. Italian is a language that is free and variable. This means that the stress can land on any syllable in a word. How easy is that? It’s as easy as partnering with DTS Language Service Inc., for your Italian translation needs.

We can’t stress (get it?) enough how efficient the process to work with us is, so instead of trying to sell you on us, let us sell you on the Italian language.

6 Fast Facts

Either you’re reading this right now because you want to learn something about the Italian language or you’re wondering how our translation services can boost your global reach. Either way, we are going to solve both of these needs. 

A little something about the Italian language: 

  1. Italian, like Spanish, French, and Romanian is a Romance language. 
  2. It is the official language of Italy, San Marino, Switzerland, and Vatican City. 
  3. It has sizable populations in Argentina, Costa Rica, Malta, Egypt, France, Germany, Puerto Rico, Romania, United Kingdom, and the United States. 
  4. The United States has the third largest population of Italian speakers, which is around 700,000. 
  5. 63 million people speak Italian as a first language and another three million speak it as their second language. 
  6. Italian is the 20th most spoken language in the world. 

Now that you know a little something about Italian, let’s discuss how easy the DTS translation process is and how it can benefit your business. 

Life Sciences & Medical
A little something about who we are, we are an expertise-driven translation company working to meet your needs since 1973. This means we strive to meet you where you are and help you bridge any communication gap with your Italian clients. 

Since we live in a global digital age, we understand translation can happen at the touch of a button. Why take the risk of inaccurate translations from AI services, though, when translating technical needs like medical device translations, pharmaceutical translations, or clinical trial translations?

The life sciences and medical field is one that absolutely depends on subject-matter-experts when translating Italian to English. We have experience in translating:

  • Patient Informed Consent Forms (ICFs) and Patient Information Leaflets (PILs)
  • Doctor guides
  • Drug inserts
  • Patient guides
  • Patient questionnaires
  • Regulatory documents

For a full list, check out our website

Technical & Manufacturing

Our life science and medical translations are life saving, but our technical and manufacturing services are high-quality and well, technical. We offer Italian to English and English to Italian translations covering:

  • Operator and service manuals 
  • Human machine interface 
  • Softwares 
  • Corporate communications 
  • Plus, so much more

No matter the scope of your project, large or small, DTS will deliver an exceptional and seamless product that will be sure to meet your industry’s standards. 

Not only are we a quality-driven language translation company, we are a company with a global mindset. Our technical and manufacturing linguists will bring the mindset so you can focus on your business expansion in Italy and anywhere. 

    Legal & Finance

    Our focus is you. We understand legal transcription is a highly specialized domain with it’s own language outside of the Italian you’re translating. The slightest change to a word could drastically alter the outcome and meaning of the text. At DTS, we have a curated workflow tailored to your exact business needs. 

    This allows us to offer an expansive capacity to handle your English to Italian desktop publishing and localization

    We believe localization is important to your global enterprise, so we created one of the largest in-house localization and desktop publishing departments of any language service provider. We can easily handle your 200-page manuals, as well as your patents, product data sheets, client briefs, public hearings — you name it, we do it

    Accurate Italian financial translations are indispensable when ensuring that your communication around the globe is safe and secure. When working in the legal and financial sectors of the economy, your translations must “speak the right language.” 

    You can count on us to speak the right language for you.


    The legal and financial industries aren’t the only industries that have their own language. The technology industry is coded in terminology, moves quickly, and needs to operate without interruption. Not only does the information need to be accurate, it needs to make sense to your Italian audience. When working with DTS, rest assured we understand this need.

    That is why we offer our clients state-of-the-art transportation management system (TMS) and computer assisted translation (CAT) tools. Plus, a full team of linguists who specialize with technological terminology in Italian.

    We will work closely with your team to ensure we meet deadlines for your:

    • website translation 
    • online help content 
    • user manuals 
    • product data management 
    • website localization 
    • multimedia management

    The list keeps going, but we think you get the point.  

    Don’t Overlook the Stress Free Life

    So whenever you’re ready to partner with a language translation company for your Italian to English or English to Italian (how about Italian to French?) you can count on DTS, Language Service, Inc. to remove the stress.  

    We know we can capitalize on those 63 million Italian speakers waiting to see your bright ideas. 

    Contact us today and see how our services will benefit you. 

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