How Danish Translation Services Can Help Your Company Grow

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Did you know that Denmark is among the 15 richest nations in the world? The little kingdom has greater wealth than big nations like the UK, Japan, Germany, Spain, and Canada. That’s a huge potential market for your business!

However, to attract Danish custom, you’re going to need Danish translation for various aspects of your business.

Stick around. We’ll explain the many benefits of translation services along with a few fun facts about the language itself.

Things You Didn’t Know About the Danish Language

We’re willing to bet you don’t know any of these fun facts about the Danish language. If we’re wrong, you can reward yourself a brownie point.

Like many other Germanic languages, Danish words can be put together to form extra-long words. That means expert speakers of the language can get creative with their speech, grafting words together. 

The language was acknowledged by the Guinness Book of Records as featuring the longest word in the world. That’s the 59-letter special­læge­praksis­planlægnings­stabiliserings­periode, meaning something along the lines of “plan stabilizing for a doctor’s office”. Try saying that three times fast!

Other Danish Speaking Countries

Many people aren’t aware that there are plenty of places outside Denmark where Danish has its uses too. The language is commonly used for official purposes in two Danish territories, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

Outside of Danish territory, the language is also commonly spoken in Germany and enjoys status as a minority language there. 

The language can also be understood in Sweden and Norway. It’s a concept called mutual intelligibility. Both countries have completely different languages in their own right. But they’re similar enough to one another that the speakers can understand each other. 

Denmark Is Among the World’s Largest Economies

Denmark may be small, but the little kingdom is wealthy. It’s got a thriving economy, a highly-educated population, and access to vast pools of natural resources. That’s why the nation is currently the 11th richest country in the world, per capita. 

That means Danes are an excellent market for online business. Since the cost of living in Denmark is so much higher than elsewhere in the world,  the average Danish consumer is more willing to splash out on expensive goods or services online. 

But it’s a relatively small nation. Denmark sometimes lacks world-class specialist services in niche areas. That’s one reason Danish companies will often look abroad for businesses to work with.

It’s One of the Hardest Languages to Learn

Danish is considered a particularly difficult foreign language to master. If you thought your French and Spanish classes back in high school were a challenge, just wait until you give Danish a try! 

With its large number of vowels and a requirement for speakers to make various subtle throat sounds, it’s no wonder many foreigners can’t master the language even after they’ve lived in Denmark for many years. 

That’s one of the best reasons for engaging the services of qualified, experienced translators and interpreters.

Provide a More Accessible Website

A quality translation service will be able to translate the material on your website, to make it more accessible to Danish language speakers.

If a member of a Danish company is searching the web for a business to work with, they’re likely to write their search terms in Danish. When the carefully curated content on your website is translated by experts, your web presence will grow in this key market. 

Automatic translation services like those offered by Google simply won’t cut it when it comes to business. You need an expert to handle specific technical terms and a human touch to managing the complicated nuances of the Danish language.

Translation Services

When you work in a technical industry, you know how important your documents can be. 

Lengthy documents relating to technical processes or complicated products might be integral to the operation of your business. These can be particularly difficult to translate.

We’re experienced in offering high-end technical translation services, allowing you to work hand in hand with your Danish business partners.

Enjoy On-Demand Phone Translation

Translating your website and advertising materials is just half the battle. If you’re making a long-lasting business connection, you’ll likely want to talk over the phone. 

We offer on-demand phone interpretation services. We can provide an experienced and friendly translator to facilitate conversation over the phone. Our efficient, cost-effective service is one of the best ways to communicate with your customers.

Our phone interpretation services are professional and easy to use, helping your multilingual business dealings run smoothly.

In-Person Danish Translation

The next step after a phone conversation is to meet in person. Imagine if your new Danish business partner flew over to meet you, only for nobody to be able to understand each other!

Whether you need interpreting for a one-to-one meeting or a large meeting or conference, one of our trained professionals can be on hand to help. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, but there’s nothing quite like meeting in person. We’ll provide a Danish translator for all your on-site interpretation needs.

Crack That Market With Danish Translation Services

The Danish market is one of the most exciting areas a company can tap into. But without experienced translators with detailed knowledge, both of the Danish language and the culture of the nation, you won’t be able to make the best use of the market. 

It’s time to work with one of the best translation services around!

Contact DTS Language Services today to learn about our versatile and reliable translation services. Along with our Danish translation, we can offer translation services for a wide variety of languages to suit your needs. 

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