How Albanian Translation Services Add More Value to Your Business


They say you learn something new everyday. Well, here’s a fact we bet you didn’t know: Albanians don’t refer to themselves as Albanians. This is actually an exonym (from the Greek ‘exo’ meaning ‘outer’) the rest of the world uses. Residents of the beautiful Southern European country located in the western part of the Balkan peninsula near the Adriatic sea refer to themselves as “Shqiptar.” 

They call their language “Shqip” and the country itself is called “Shqipëria.” Also, the Albanian language is heavily influenced by Latin and is actually one of the oldest languages in existence.

In addition to the rich history of this little country, what’s important for your business is knowing that the language has spread all around the world (a third of the population migrated elsewhere). Although there are approximately six million native speakers, the reach of the language is vast. Actually, one of the most concentrated populations of native speakers is right here in the United States. Other concentrated areas include Greece and Italy.

As the language has evolved, it has influenced English, Greek, and Italian. If you are doing business in Greece and Italy, our recommendation would be to add Albanian language services as well. Are you overwhelmed when you think about translating that many languages? Well, that’s where the team at DTS Language Service, Inc. can help. 

Life Sciences & Medical

Whether you’re looking to translate from Albanian to English, or Albanian to Italian, place your faith in certified language specialists. Especially specialists that know your specific industry. 

Our experienced team of language experts are well versed in English to Albanian translation projects for your: 

  • Patient informed consent forms (ICFs)
  • Doctor guides, 
  • Drug inserts, 
  • Patient guides
  • Patient questionnaires. 
  • Clinical Trial Materials

If we can be honest with you, this is only a partial list. To understand the full capacity of how we can help you, visit our website

Since the Albanian language is one of the oldest in the world and has evolved around other languages, it’s quite complex. Within the life sciences and medical field, terminology is also quite complex. So don’t let language be an unnecessary headache for you. We will leave the saving of lives up to you, if you leave the translating to and from Albanian up to us.  

Technical & Manufacturing

For the last four decades, DTS has built up a reputation for meeting translation needs and drawing on our experience, we have tailored the translation process to the specific requests of our clients. We aim to deliver a high quality product for your global audience, whether that’s within the field of agricultural, heavy machinery and construction equipment, engineering, or automotive, our team is equipped to handle your translation from Albanian to a second language

No matter your scope, large or small, DTS will deliver an exceptional product that meets your requirements. 

We value the detail and the grit of your industry, that is why we aim to meet specific standards. Our team of subject-matter-experts will be able to translate your:

  • Operator & Service Manuals
  • Technical & Service Bulletins
  • Human Machine Interfaces & Software
  • Websites, Videos & Mobile Apps
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Content Management Systems

If you have a need not listed click here — we really do aim to cover all the bases.

Legal & Finance

Not only are our translations for the technical and manufacturing industries top notch, but our legal and financial translations are accurate too, which is indispensable when your communication around the globe needs to be safe and secure.  

Our accuracy is superior — literally letter perfect superior. Which allows us to deliver your message across all languages, giving you the potential to reach a maximum number of  current and future clients. 

The DTS team includes linguists capable of Albanian document translation, Albanian audio and video transcription, and Albanian desktop publishing and localization. Plus, a full range of other services. 

This allows us to translate your:

  • Financial reports
  • Marketing materials
  • Regulatory prospectuses
  • Public hearings
  • Sworn statements
  • Pleadings

Have a need not on this list? Check out our website for all the ways we can help you. 


If you are still with us — and we hope you are — we have one more industry for which we offer quality translation. DTS has the capacity to handle large, complex, and short-deadline IT projects for your Albanian language needs. We are trained in enterprise application software, product lifecycle management (PLM), and consumer electronic translations. 

We also have state-of-the-art transportation management system (TMS) and computer assisted translation (CAT) tools. Also, DTS has one of the largest in-house localization and desktop publishing teams of any language service provider. 

Here are just a few ways we can help your global technological advancements:

  • Software Localization
  • User Interface
  • Product Catalogues
  • Labeling
  • Brand Management
  • Multimedia Content

To see all the ways we can get your English to Albanian translation live and your reach global, click here.

Tailored Albanian Translation For You

When you partner with DTS, you can stay ahead of the competition with fast and cost-effective language solutions that suit your translation program allowing you to roll out a high-quality product in Albanian on time, every time. 

Whether your industry need is for the life sciences and medical, the technical and manufacturing, the financial and legal, or the technological — DTS is the right choice for you. 

What are you waiting for? Contact us today to begin your tailored language service and expand your business’ reach now.  

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