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Did you know that Russian is the 8th most popular spoken language in the world? With over 170 million native Russian speakers and another 130 million from former republics of the Soviet Union, Russian covers the greatest geographical reach of any Eurasian language. In terms of geographical reach, it even beats out Chinese, which has over seven times as many speakers.

This means that if you’re looking to expand your company’s global footprint, it’s smart to consider Russian translation services. Russian to English translation and transcription are especially valuable if you are making your mark in one of four key industries: technical and manufacturing; life sciences and medical; financial and legal; and technology.

In this article, we’ll explore the value of Russian translation for your growing international business.

A Global World

Living in a global world means living in a global economy where your product can be seen around the world instantly—if it can be marketed and distributed in the right language. Globalization defined by the World Health Organization (WHO), is the increased interconnectedness and interdependence of peoples and countries related to opening borders for a greater expansion of goods, services, finances, people, and ideas. 

What does this mean for you?

It means with the right avenues, your idea could expand across the globe and it’s as easy as breaking the language barrier between you and your future Russian audience. 

Take a look how DTS can be your right avenue and see how our services can give your organization a global boost. 

Technical and Manufacturing

We are a company that will tailor the translation and transcription process to your exact needs, business structure, and language. Our expertise lies in offering high-quality technological Russian to English translations for agricultural, heavy machinery, engineering, and automotive companies. This includes operator and service manuals, human machine interface, softwares, corporate communications, plus much more

We understand the world is constantly growing and you want your message to reach your target audience around the globe. When you work with DTS Language Services, Inc., you gain access to one of the largest in-house localization and desktop publishing (DTP) departments—so those large, 200-page instruction and product manuals are a non-issue for us. It is our promise to you to make sure your content can be seen in Russia as well as hundreds of other countries. 

Life Sciences and Medical

Why take the risk of inaccurate translations from AI services when translating technical needs like medical device translations, pharmaceutical translations, or clinical trial translations?

It is safe to say that you would want a professional who knows the specific terms for your industry. DTS is the name for quality life science and medical translations. We have the right professionals for you—professionals capable of understanding the nuances of Russian to English or English to Russian translation when dealing with medical and life science terminology. We will happily help you navigate this process, all the while, ensuring your medical translations meet international regulations and standards. 

Our team is ready and excited to help you translate your documents like patient information, questionnaires, and brochures, doctor guides, website localization, and more.

    Financial and Legal

    At DTS, we understand that financial and legal translations must be accurate, meet deadlines, and speak the right language. There is no language barrier at DTS If you need a Russian to English translation for banking, legal transcriptions, investment, or insurance translations we can help. Plus, you can be confident that they will be delivered back to you with our quality assured stamp of approval. 

    We can easily navigate your patents, product data sheets, client briefs, public hearings—you name it, we do it


    Your online content must appear without errors to users worldwide and to ensure that this is the case, it should only be in the hands of expert translators. DTS has the capacity to handle large, complex, and short-deadline IT projects for your Russian language needs. We are trained in enterprise application software, product lifecycle management (PLM), and consumer electronic translations. 

    This includes website translation, online help content, user manuals, product data management, website localization, multimedia management—and the list keeps going. 

    Quality Russian Translation Service Designed for You

    As you can see from the above, DTS is fully equipped to handle all your Russian to English (or vice versa) translations and take your business into an ever increasing global economy. We strive to provide accurate, affordable, and timely transcription services for many fields including qualitative research, business, academia, and legal/law enforcement. We offer a full list of language services, including:

    • Document Translation 
    • Audio and Video Transcription 
    • Desktop Publishing and Localization 
    • On-Demand Phone Interpretation 
    • On-Site Interpretation 
    • Website Translation

    Our translators, transcriptionists, and interpreters are ready and excited to take on your Russian language needs or any other combination of translation projects from the technical to the medical to the legal. You are in the best hands with DTS because we strive for responsive, quality control and reliability no matter how big or small your project is. 

    Reach out and contact us for a quote and globalize your company today!

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