The Value Dutch Translation Service Can Provide Your Company


How much do you know about the Dutch language? Are you ready to expand your enterprise across the globe? Are you confused about how exactly to achieve this? 

Read on and discover for yourself how incorporating Dutch with a reliable language service provider can expand your audience. 

Let’s start with a few tidbits about Dutch. Dutch is a Germanic language, so linguists put it in the same family as German and English. In fact, many words within these languages are spelled similarly — for example, the English word “creative” is “creatief” in Dutch and “beter” is Dutch for “better.” This makes Dutch one of the easiest languages for an English speaker to learn. What this means for you is incorporating Dutch translation is an easy way to expand your influence. 

Depending on your industry, you could be reaching up to 23 million potential clients, which is the number of native Dutch speakers around the world. When you partner with a language service provider, such as DTS Language Service, Inc., the language barrier disappears and your message spreads around the globe. 

The Official Language Where?

Incorporating Dutch to English translation, or another language, into your business structure will give you access to a large audience in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is the origin of the Dutch language and 17 million Dutch speakers call the Netherlands home. In addition, Flanders, the northern region of Belgium, is another hotbed of Dutch speakers. Plus, it is the national language of Aruba and the Netherland Antilles — a chain of islands off the Caribbean including Sint Maarten and Curaçao.

Beyond native Dutch speakers, an estimated 4 million people speak Dutch as their second language. Dutch is spoken throughout Europe, America, Canada, and Indonesia. 

To further understand how Dutch translation services can benefit your company, let’s break down the specific industries we serve.

Life Sciences & Medical

DTS is a language service provider that has been meeting exceptional translation needs since 1973. We are an expertise-driven translation company striving to meet our clients where they are and helping them bridge any communication gap with their clients. 

Our team provides a service so that your audience can understand you; plus, we cater to your field of expertise — we don’t believe in generalist translators. Our translations are not just grammatically correct, they will reflect language used by subject matter experts and the native population of your audience. 

With life sciences and medical translations, there is more than profit on the line. We believe that competent medical translations may save the day, but correct medical translations save lives. 

At DTS our full list of services will ensure letter perfect Dutch translations that meet your deadlines and exceed your expectations. 

Our full range of services are:

  • Document Translation 
  • Audio and Video Transcription 
  • Desktop Publishing and Localization 
  • On-Demand Phone Interpretation 
  • On-Site Interpretation 
  • Website Translation

Our team will take care of your patient informed consent forms (ICFs) and patient information leaflets (PILs), doctor guides, drug inserts, patient guides, or patient questionnaires. This is only a partial list, to understand the full capacity of how we can help you, click here

We have team members located around the globe, ready to ensure your medical and life science translations are not just competent, but life saving. 

Technical & Manufacturing

As with any of our industries, our technical and manufacturing translations are tailored to the structure of your business. No matter your scope, large or small, DTS will deliver an exceptional, quality driven, and seamless product that meets your requirements. 

We value the detail and the grit that is the bedrock of the agricultural, heavy machinery and construction equipment, engineering, and automotive industries. This is where our subject matter experts will be able to create a fast, certified, and accurate translation that captivates your Dutch audience. 

There are industry standards that must be met within each specific field. Don’t let your translation needs fall short of those standards. DTS Language Service, Inc., leads in technical translation because of our dedicated linguistic support and a large in-house localization department. 

All of this gives us the capacity and experience to take your content all the way to the Netherlands. We specialize in:

  • Operator & Service Manuals
  • Technical & Service Bulletins
  • Human Machine Interfaces & Software
  • Websites, Videos & Mobile Apps
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Content Management Systems

Click here to see the full list of ways we can help.

    Legal & Finance

    Money is perhaps the greatest communicator around the world. Accurate financial translations are indispensable when ensuring that your communication around the globe is safe and secure. When working in the legal and financial sectors of the economy your translation needs must “speak the right language.” 

    When translating legalese an AI service won’t do — the outcome won’t be clean, accurate, or up to your high stands. Instead, use professionals who understand the nuances within your industry. 

    Top financial institutions depend on our financial translation services to ensure that all their financial information is communicated clearly in Dutch and every language necessary. 

    This includes:

    • Financial reports
    • Marketing materials
    • Regulatory prospectuses
    • Public hearings
    • Sworn statements
    • Pleadings

    Do you have a need that isn’t listed? Go to our website, to see the full list of legal and finance document translations we can provide. 


    The technology industry moves quickly and without interruption. If you aren’t ahead of the curve, often this means you are behind it. When you partner with DTS, you can stay ahead of the competition with fast and cost-effective language solutions that suit your translation program allowing you to roll out a high-quality product in Dutch, on time, every time. 

    Whether you have a project utilizing Enterprise Application Software, Product Lifecycle Management, or consumer electronics, our team is ready to handle your large, complex, and short-deadline IT projects in Dutch or other necessary language. 

    When launching a new website, app, software, or other online content, trust expert translators who can guarantee the correct meaning of your words. 

    Our team at DTS understands this and can ensure your projects will be without error so you can engage users worldwide. 

    Some of the ways we can help here are: 

    • Software Localization
    • User Interface
    • Product Catalogues
    • Labeling
    • Brand Management
    • Multimedia Content

    To see everything we can do, click here

    Globalize Now

    Dankzij onze reputatie voor kwaliteitsbewaking, responsiviteit en betrouwbaarheid bij elk project, hoe groot of hoe klein het ook is, komen onze cliënten keer op keer weer bij ons terug.


    Don’t worry. We can translate this for you: “our reputation for quality assurance, responsiveness and reliability on every project, no matter how big or small, keeps our clients coming back to us again and again.”

    When you’re ready to be seen by 27 million new eyes, we will be here to ensure your Dutch translation needs are met with exceptional quality. 

    Contact us today to see how our services can globalize your industry!

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