Translation Challenges in Clinical Trials: A New Approach for 2024

Clinical Trials Translation

At this time of year, many people find themselves in a reflective mood, taking stock of the past and looking forward to new opportunities. If you are a clinical trial project manager, the start of a new year brings with it the anticipation of fresh beginnings, new projects, and the chance to work with colleagues and individuals from around the world on critical tasks, such as delivering life-saving medicines and devices.

Yet, amidst this sense of excitement and promise, you have a nagging concern that hangs over you. It’s the prospect of having to work once again with the translation service provider that your company has chosen. While this provider may carry a reputable name in the industry, past experience has left you with a sense of unease and inconsistency.

Challenges Faced with Inconsistent Translations

You’ve come to expect that, like in previous instances, you will be assigned a different translator than before. This revolving door of translators creates a sense of inconsistency in the translations, making it challenging to maintain a cohesive and high-quality output. Moreover, the translations often arrive later than planned, disrupting your project timelines and causing unnecessary delays. When the translations do finally land in your inbox, they are often in a format that requires substantial correction and are riddled with errors that demand your immediate attention.

The root cause of this recurring problem is clear – while the translators assigned to your projects are undoubtedly skilled, they lack the specialized expertise required for clinical trial translations. In the pharmaceutical and medical industry, precision is critical. An understanding of the industry’s intricacies, the nuanced terminology, and the regulatory requirements is critical to delivering accurate and compliant translations.

Your frustration reached its peak last year when you had to contend with subpar translations that fell short of the necessary standards. Despite having a week for completion, it was evident that speed had taken precedence over quality. Speed, of course, has its place in the world of translations, but not at the expense of accuracy and adherence to precise specifications. In this case, the translation not only missed the mark but also resulted in delays and financial losses for your project.

DTS Language Services for Quality Translations

It doesn’t have to be this way. As you look ahead to 2024, there’s an alternative that promises a different and more reliable experience. Consider, instead, choosing a smaller translation services provider like DTS Language Services.

At DTS, we are a boutique translation agency with ISO certification, known for prioritizing the delivery of ready-to-use, “turnkey translations.” Our approach focuses on providing bilingual formats that not only meet but often exceed industry standards. This commitment to excellence leads to significant cost savings for your organization in the long run.

At DTS, we understand the importance of having a dedicated project manager who genuinely cares about your project’s success. This project manager will oversee every aspect of the translation process, ensuring your unique requirements and precise specifications are met without compromise. They will work closely with our team of specialized translators who possess the industry-specific knowledge and expertise necessary for clinical trial translations.

A New Year, a New Approach

In 2024, it’s time to break free from the cycle of inconsistency, delays, and frustration. Choose a translation services provider that shares your commitment to excellence and understands the critical nature of your work in the pharmaceutical and medical field.

Choose DTS Language Services and let us help you achieve your translation goals in the new year.

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