The High Price of Inaccurate Medical Translations


Clinical trials hold significant importance in the development of medical innovations, acting as the bridge between groundbreaking research and the potential to transform patient care. These trials offer the promise of introducing new devices, treatments, and medications that have the potential to alleviate suffering and save lives on a global scale. However, as the world becomes increasingly interconnected, clinical trials now involve experts from various corners of the globe, often speaking different languages. In this context, the role of professional translators becomes absolutely essential.

The global nature of clinical trials necessitates effective communication among diverse teams of researchers, clinicians, and participants. Accurate and clear communication is critical to ensure that the trial objectives, protocols, and findings are understandable to all stakeholders, regardless of their linguistic background. Translators play a key role in bridging these language gaps, facilitating the smooth flow of information, and ensuring that no critical detail is lost in translation.

The Pitfalls of Non-Specialized Translation Services

Despite the availability of numerous translation services, it’s important to acknowledge that not all translation services are the same. While many translation providers are dedicated and skilled, not all specialize in healthcare and medicine. This lack of specialization can lead to mistakes, which in turn can result in revisions and delays. 

The statistics paint a rather sobering picture. 85% of all clinical trials experience delays, and 94% of these delays extend beyond a month. These delays are more than mere inconveniences; they come with a substantial financial burden. Each day a clinical trial is prolonged can result in a financial haemorrhage ranging from $600,000 to $8 million, depending on the complexity and scale of the trial.

Beyond the financial cost, these delays in clinical trials also mean that innovative and potentially life-saving products take longer to reach the market. Patients eagerly awaiting new treatments or therapies may have to endure prolonged suffering or a lack of alternative options. Additionally, the medical community and healthcare providers must wait for critical advancements that could improve patient outcomes and quality of care.

DTS Language Services: Your Trusted Clinical Trial Translation Partner

At DTS Language Services, clinical trial translations are our speciality. As an ISO-certified language services provider boasting 50+ years of experience, we excel in delivering industry-leading certified translations, guaranteed turnaround times, and responsive project management.

Our unwavering commitment to individual projects sets us apart from our competitors, who may handle hundreds of clients and often suffer from diluted focus, confusion, and delays. At DTS, each clinical trial project is overseen by a dedicated project manager with extensive experience in clinical trials.

Every project is assigned a transparent and accurate target completion date. Clients can maintain direct communication with their Project Manager to receive real-time updates on project status. We also leverage cutting-edge translation portal technology for seamless communication and meticulous progress tracking.

In clinical trials, where precision is critical, partnering with a trusted and specialized translation service like DTS can make all the difference. We are not just translators; we are your dedicated allies on the path to medical progress and global healthcare excellence.

Don’t pay this high price. Choose DTS Language Services, and let us help you realize the full potential of your clinical trials.

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